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Holy Land Classic 2011 Tour

Our tour group at Gethsemani

Gary, Jan Blansett, Tom Blansett, Jan, John Evans

Alita Phelps, Bob Phelps, Bill Lyford

Dorothy Evans, Cindy Schraeder, Barb Pollari, Pat Lyford

Gethsemani Olive Tree

Ruins at Meggido

A stone manger of the type used during the time of the Kingdom of Israel

Garden Tomb

Jan leads devotions at the Garden Tomb

A Torah at the Wailing Wall.

I would venture a guess that the ones holding the Torah are a father and his son at Bar Mitzvah. The object on the father's head is a phylactery, a case holding a piece of Torah scripture.

The gentleman at the left appears to be an Hassidic Jew.

Wider view of the Wailing Wall.

The Dome of the Rock of Ascension, also known as Al-Aqsa.

Baptisms at the River Jordan.

On the shore of the Dead Sea.

View of the cave that sheltered the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Camel Rider: John Evans

Barb Pollari's Turn

Pat Lyford mounts up

I can eats tourists?
The Evanses and the Lyfords extended their trip to Egypt just in time for the change in government. So instead of pictures from Egypt, we have pictures that the Lyfords took in Rome.  
The frieze says it's in honor of the Apostle Paul, but I think this is St. Peter's.

The Coliseum

Pat and Bill

Special thanks for providing the pictures of the Eternal City!

John and Dorothy

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