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As a Christ-centered community, we invite, nurture, and empower all God’s children to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Pastor's Weekly Message July 17 2018

People of Hope,

We have such a great name.  We are the People of Hope, and we are people of hope.

Sunday, in worship, we considered two stories told side by side in the gospel of Mark:  The death of John, the Baptist, and the feeding of the 5,000.  We were reminded to choose moment by moment to share in the banquet of life (self -giving) rather than a banquet of death (self-gratification).

During Fellowship a dozen or so of us talked about the importance of being a church who studies.  We need to find ways to provide Christian education opportunities for each life stage we have in the church, especially our children.  Some ideas for inviting others from our community to events and inclusion in our church family are on the table for further consideration – more about that another time.

Next Sunday in worship you will be learning a bit more about the Whole Church Initiative (WCI) in which we are participating, along with our sister UMC churches in the Billings circuit.  Many of you took the survey as we requested.  Thank you so much for your help!  We hope that through these experiences we will grow in being an inviting church.

Have you ever thought that you might be willing to preach a sermon?  All you need is a little encouragement?  Meet with me during Fellowship on the 29th, and we will choose a time and place to have a Sermon Workshop.  I'll show you the Daisy Method of writing and presenting.  Take a chance – it'll be fun!

Save an hour in August for a Sunday Afternoon with the Pastor, a time of small group sharing concerning who we've been, who we are, and who we'd like to become as the People of Hope.

There are still a few spots on the Family Promise white-board that need to be filled.  Talk to Dorothy Evans (259-4673) or Kris McFadyean (861-6195) and volunteer.  Also, remember that we’re donating extra food for the Billings Food Bank to help alleviate their inventory shortage.

May your week be a blessed one.  Remember to keep one another in your prayers.  You will be in mine.



Hope United Methodist Church

244 E. Wicks Lane

Billings, MT 59105